From Broken to Beautiful ~ Elaine Berry


Broken means something that is broken or severely damaged. Being Broken comes in many different forms and this book will give you the encouragement to know that God is with you through your brokenness and He is there waiting for you to ask Him to come in and fix and restore to you what is broken in your life. I am a product of brokenness. In this book I will share some of my most personal things that I have gone through. There are thirty devotions in this book, one for each day that gives you encouraging words to make it through your day. Each devotional comes with scriptures that you go to and read God’s word more on the subject. We all go through brokenness, sometimes it may be through a divorce, someone has hurt you very badly, addictions, or maybe it is a spiritual brokenness that we are going through that needs healing. These devotions are here to encourage and uplift the person who is going through these rough times in their life and reassures them that God is right there with them and He already knew that they would be faced with these things before they were born and that He is ready to heal that part of brokenness in their life. ~ Elaine Berry